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In my experience, many BI / DW teams struggle with the move from Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC, the version control behind TFS) towards Git. Especially for data integration projects, the best practices of Git feel somewhat counter-intuitive.

Next Saturday (October 5th, 2019) is Data Saturday Holland, and I’ll be presenting a session about Git / Azure Repos for BI & Data Platform development. It’s an advanced level session, so I expect you to know a bit about version control, the Microsoft Data Platform, etc.. The subjects I’ll talk about:

  • Setting up your repositories
    • … and how “one repository per independently deployable product” can work for data projects
  • Feature branching (FTW!)
  • Enforcing policies
    • … or “how to annoy your team mates in a way that improves their way of working”
  • The Brave New World of ADFv2
    • This product seems to be built almost around Git and Azure DevOps! Too bad this part is documented so poorly.
  • General Tips & Tricks

Curious? A sneak preview can be found at my LinkedIn company page:



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