How to use Git for Data Platform Development in 5 minutes

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Two weeks ago I was interviewed by Niels Naglé at his YouTube-show Data Discovery Channel. We talked about using Git for Data Platform Development. And how to do it “the Git way”. Got 5 minutes? Check 👇

A few weeks ago I presented a 45-minutes session about using Git for Data Platform development at Data Saturday. My former colleagues from Info Support were there as well. And because they run a great YouTube show about data (Data Discovery Channel) we decided to throw an interview.

Somewhere in the next few weeks I expect to put the entire 45-minute session online (need to do subtitles first), but the gist of my session is coming through pretty well in this 5-minute interview by Niels. Great job, guys!

If you’re interested in making your build & deploy process more robust, ensuring quality and automating all the error-prone and time-intensive build & release steps, you might as well want to check out my course Azure DevOps voor BI en Data Platforms (page is in Dutch currently, if you’re interested in English please send me an email). I teach this course regularly with Info Support as well – see their training website for more info and upcoming dates.


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