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Communicating with Azure IoT using Python

During last Christmas’ project (the Poor Man’s IoT – read more about it here and here) I wanted to build a small Proof of Concept communicating my home freezer sensor to Azure IoT. However, if you’re not a C# dev, the steps to set up this ‘small’ Proof of Concept can be quite daunting – especially if you’re […]

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Security and the Enterprise Gateway

While upgrading from Analysis Services Connector to the Power BI Enterprise Gateway, you might notice a change in authorization structure. Here’s a brief description of the differences you need to know when upgrading. I thought there was a change in authorization structure, but I had didn’t fully understand the way Analysis Services Connector authorizes its users.

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Building the Poor Man’s IoT

This Christmas holiday I spent some time fiddling with sensors to build a Proof of Concept on Azure IoT. In an earlier post I’ve shown how to connect your Azure IoT Hub data to a live Power BI dashboard, and as promised, here’s part two: a description – as well as working code – how to […]

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Hard Work Pays Off: Aligning matrices (SSRS non-ugly #6)

In the previous posts in the ‘SSRS non-ugly’ series, we looked at grid-based report layouts, a powerful technique to standardize your layout and align all elements within your report. All this grid stuff is cool, but how to cope with matrices? I mean, c’mon Koos – last time you just deliberately left out the matrices […]

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Unexpected SSIS Precedence Constraints Behaviour

In one of my projects, I had two simultaneous sequence containers. One is executed always, and one only rarely. So I decided to control the Task Flow with a package parameter. As soon as there was task I needed to do once all paths were completed, I ran into SSIS behaviour that was (to me) unexpected.

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