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Package generation with SSIS – an overview

Although you can hardly ignore BIML (with bloggers like Cathrine Wilhelmsen and Bill Fellows sharing good stuff), there are still other options for package generation in SSIS. While enjoying a small conversation on LinkedIn about the automation options, I suddenly remembered still having a slidedeck from a presentation I gave early 2014. Please note that these are my […]

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Visual Studio Eror Messages

Yes, that typo was intended. Remember when I said this? [Using Google to find a solution to] Error messages? Be sure to include the exact message – “in quotes” Recently I encountered a occasion where this helped especially well. A colleague emailed me with the question why his VS2010 install didn’t load his SSRS Preview correctly. The ‘Run’ functionality worked, but the […]

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Gathering knowledge and keeping up

When training and coaching Microsoft Business Intelligence developers and analysts, people sometimes ask how to keep up with all the new stuff developing. Or, how to start building your knowledge inside your profession. Here are some thoughts about that.

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SQL Server MONEY datatype limitations

Be very, VERY careful when using SQL Server’s MONEY datatype. It’s okay for storage of money things (offers some nice features too), and has an accuracy of 0.0001. Once you start calculating with that, beware. 1/10000th is quite a limitation.

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SSRS client side printing

Yesterday I was working with a client who virtualized all desktops using Citrix. Whenever you want to use the print function of an SSRS report, you are required to install an ActiveX plugin. However, end users are not allowed to install new software on a virtualized desktop, and Microsoft doesn’t provide a direct link to a generic installer that could be […]

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