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Weekend fun: Power BI games!

Power BI is soms zó gebruiksvriendelijk, dat je weleens vergeet dat er een zeer solide technische basis nodig is om Power BI te laten werken. Die basis is er natuurlijk, in de vorm van DAX en Power Query. Maar wist je dat die basis zó flexibel en krachtig is, dat je er zelfs games in[...]
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A new role for the BI team?

This Christmas holiday, I read Alberto Cairo’s “the functional art” – a must-read if you’re interested in data visualization at any level. In the fourth part of the book he includes some interviews with leading people in the data visualization field. Especially in the interviews with Hannah Fairfield (at the time of the interview Graphics[...]
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Automated Deployments using Visual Studio

In my earlier post “Automated Testing for the Data Warehouse“, I sketched the outlines of what would be needed in order to achieve automated testing for your Data Warehouse solutions. Today, I want to look at the first step: build & deploy. Between the previous post and the current one, some useful content about this has been written already[...]
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Building the Poor Man’s IoT

This Christmas holiday I spent some time fiddling with sensors to build a Proof of Concept on Azure IoT. In an earlier post I’ve shown how to connect your Azure IoT Hub data to a live Power BI dashboard, and as promised, here’s part two: a description – as well as working code – how to[...]
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