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JSON in SQL Server

Wanneer je JSON-data in SQL Server wilt verwerken, heb je de keuze tussen JSON_VALUE (een scalar functie) en OPENJSON. Hoewel JSON_VALUE wellicht nét wat eenvoudiger in te zetten is, is OPENJSON toch vaak een beter idee. De performance is beter, en er zitten geen beperkingen op het aantal karakters dat je JSON-waarde lang mag zijn.[...]
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Automated Testing for the Data Warehouse

Case: we’ve integrated two sources of customers. We want to add a third source. Q: How do we at the same time know that our current integration and solutions will continue to work while at the same time integrating the new sources? A: Test it. Q: How do we get faster deployments and more stability? A: Automate the tests, so[...]
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SQL Server MONEY datatype limitations

Be very, VERY careful when using SQL Server’s MONEY datatype. It’s okay for storage of money things (offers some nice features too), and has an accuracy of 0.0001. Once you start calculating with that, beware. 1/10000th is quite a limitation.
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