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Tijd om je Data Warehouse naar Azure te brengen?

Overweeg je om je Data Warehouse naar de cloud te brengen? Wellicht weet je nog niet zeker of dat voor jou gaat werken. Of voel je je nog een beetje onzeker over de precieze kosten en randzaken die dat met zich mee gaat brengen. In dat geval heb ik wellicht een interessante workshop voor je.
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The DAX Guide

Wanneer je al langer met DAX werkt in bijvoorbeeld SSAS Tabular of Power BI, dan weet je dat de offici√ęle documentatie prima is voor naslag. Wanneer je echter tegen hele praktische problemen aanloopt, kom je over het algemeen uit bij SQLBI (Marco Russo en Alberto Ferrari) of Chris Webb. Medio 2018 heeft SQLBI een nieuw[...]
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Hernoemen van velden in SSAS

Zul je altijd zien: Je kubus is net in gebruik genomen. De eerste rapporten zijn er tegenaan gebouwd. Op dat moment blijkt de naamgeving toch niet 100% te kloppen. Hoe voorkom je dat alle bestaande rapportages nu breken, maar je wel flexibel bent in het wijzigen van namen van measures en kolommen / attributen?
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Setting up DWH Test Automation: Design & Arch

With Continuous Integration working for my Data Warehousing solution (SQL Server, SSAS Tabular, SSIS), it’s time to step forward. Before moving to Continuous Deployment, I want to have a rigorous and automated testing on my EDW. But how to get there?
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3 Important Lessons about Test Automation in Business Intelligence

As you might know, I’m keeping an eye on how I can automate my Data Warehousing testing. In “Automated Testing for the Data Warehouse” my observation was In essence, testing a Data Warehouse isn’t that complex It turns out I’m not the only one thinking about this (really? ūüėČ ). Some time ago¬†I listened to[...]
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VSTS Continuous MSBuild for DW / BI

Wait, didn’t I post this already several weeks ago? Well, almost. A few weeks ago, I showed how to set up a build agent using Unfortunately, I ran into some problems like failing builds not reporting failure and SSAS Tabular projects not building correctly[ref]There’s also some mentions about SSDT 2015 projects not being supported,[...]
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VSTS Continuous Build for DWH / BI

In my earlier post “Automated Deployments using Visual Studio” I metioned that the method described was a workaround because I hadn’t figured out how to do a continuous build in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) yet. With hindsight, that workaround was not really needed: VSTS build turns out to be s√≥ easy, that it’s ridiculous[...]
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Automated Deployments using Visual Studio

In my earlier post “Automated Testing for¬†the Data Warehouse“, I sketched the outlines of¬†what would be needed in order to achieve¬†automated testing for your Data Warehouse solutions. Today, I want to look at the first step: build & deploy. Between the previous post and the current one, some¬†useful content about this has been written already[...]
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Automated Testing for the Data Warehouse

Case: we’ve integrated two sources of customers. We want to add a third source. Q: How do we¬†at the same time¬†know that our¬†current integration and solutions will continue to work while at the same time¬†integrating the new sources? A:¬†Test it. Q: How do we get faster deployments and more stability? A: Automate the tests, so[...]
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Moving BI to the cloud: Consider this…

While looking into the possibilities of moving my customer’s BI infrastructure into the cloud, my primary question was how to handle the lack of cloud SSAS. But there’s a lot more to keep in mind. Here’s a few things that I think should be thought of from an architectural point of view: not only in[...]
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