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Setting up DWH Test Automation: Design & Arch

With Continuous Integration working for my Data Warehousing solution (SQL Server, SSAS Tabular, SSIS), it’s time to step forward. Before moving to Continuous Deployment, I want to have a rigorous and automated testing on my EDW. But how to get there?
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3 Important Lessons about Test Automation in Business Intelligence

As you might know, I’m keeping an eye on how I can automate my Data Warehousing testing. In “Automated Testing for the Data Warehouse” my observation was In essence, testing a Data Warehouse isn’t that complex It turns out I’m not the only one thinking about this (really? ūüėČ ). Some time ago¬†I listened to[...]
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VSTS Continuous MSBuild for DW / BI

Wait, didn’t I post this already several weeks ago? Well, almost. A few weeks ago, I showed how to set up a build agent using Unfortunately, I ran into some problems like failing builds not reporting failure and SSAS Tabular projects not building correctly[ref]There’s also some mentions about SSDT 2015 projects not being supported,[...]
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VSTS Continuous Build for DWH / BI

In my earlier post “Automated Deployments using Visual Studio” I metioned that the method described was a workaround because I hadn’t figured out how to do a continuous build in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) yet. With hindsight, that workaround was not really needed: VSTS build turns out to be s√≥ easy, that it’s ridiculous[...]
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Automated Deployments using Visual Studio

In my earlier post “Automated Testing for¬†the Data Warehouse“, I sketched the outlines of¬†what would be needed in order to achieve¬†automated testing for your Data Warehouse solutions. Today, I want to look at the first step: build & deploy. Between the previous post and the current one, some¬†useful content about this has been written already[...]
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Automated Testing for the Data Warehouse

Case: we’ve integrated two sources of customers. We want to add a third source. Q: How do we¬†at the same time¬†know that our¬†current integration and solutions will continue to work while at the same time¬†integrating the new sources? A:¬†Test it. Q: How do we get faster deployments and more stability? A: Automate the tests, so[...]
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Hard Work Pays Off: Aligning matrices (SSRS non-ugly #6)

In the previous posts in the ‘SSRS non-ugly’ series, we looked at grid-based report layouts, a powerful technique to standardize your layout and align all elements within your report. All this grid stuff is cool, but how to cope with matrices? I mean, c’mon Koos – last time you just deliberately left out the matrices[...]
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SSRS non-ugly #5: The nitty griddy details

In this post – part of my ‘creating non-ugly SSRS reports’ series – I’ll introduce you to a design and layout technique quite common in webdesign, but AFAIK not too often applied in reporting: using a column grid. Curious? Read on!
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SSRS non-ugly #4: Think About Layout

In the¬†fourth, fifth and sixth parts of my series¬†about non-ugly SSRS reports, I’ll provide some¬†hands-on ‘wins’ to improve your report layout. Today: two quick wins.
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SSRS non-ugly #3: Chart styles

This is the third¬†post in a new¬†series on non-ugly SSRS reports. As I stated in the opening post: SSRS doesn’t¬†have to be ugly This week, lots of folks are tweeting and blogging about the new SSRS 2016. Exciting stuff, looks really great!¬†But what about when you’re still stuck with one of the RTM versions of[...]
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