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3 Important Lessons about Test Automation in Business Intelligence

As you might know, I’m keeping an eye on how I can automate my Data Warehousing testing. In “Automated Testing for the Data Warehouse” my observation was In essence, testing a Data Warehouse isn’t that complex It turns out I’m not the only one thinking about this (really? ūüėČ ). Some time ago¬†I listened to[...]
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Building the Poor Man’s IoT Presentation (+ inspiration for new posts)

As you might remember, I ran a few posts covering Azure IoT Hub early this year: Azure IoT is out! Here’s how you connect with Power BI Building the Poor Man’s IoT Last Saturday, I did a talk on SQL Saturday in the Netherlands covering my experiences.¬†If you’re interested in my¬†presentation, the slidedeck is¬†on the[...]
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Azure ML Thursday 6: xgboost in R

Last Azure ML Thursdays¬†we explored how to do our Machine Learning in Python. Python in¬†Azure ML doesn’t include one particularly succesful algorithm though –¬†xgboost. Python packages are available, but just not yet for Windows – which means also not inside Azure ML Studio. But they are available inside R! Today, we take the same approach[...]
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Happy birthday, Power BI!

Happy first birthday, Power BI! Exactly one year ago, Power BI was released in public. But this wasn’t the only release: one¬†month after the public release of Power BI my daughter Sanne was born.
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Calculating commute distance using SSIS and the GoogleMaps API

Last week, I had an interesting question from one of my clients about estimates of planned commute distances. For example: What is the distance I travel when I, living at Kalverstraat 7 (Amsterdam) commute five days a week to my customer in Paris (1, rue Victor Cousin)? By the way: it should be calculated for all employees, for[...]
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Communicating with Azure IoT using Python

During last Christmas’ project (the Poor Man’s IoT – read more about it¬†here¬†and here) I wanted¬†to build a small Proof of Concept communicating my home freezer sensor to Azure IoT. However, if you’re not a C# dev, the steps to set up this ‘small’ Proof of Concept can be quite daunting – especially if you’re[...]
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SSRS non-ugly #5: The nitty griddy details

In this post – part of my ‘creating non-ugly SSRS reports’ series – I’ll introduce you to a design and layout technique quite common in webdesign, but AFAIK not too often applied in reporting: using a column grid. Curious? Read on!
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Gathering knowledge and keeping up

When training and coaching Microsoft Business Intelligence developers and analysts, people sometimes ask how to keep up with all the new stuff developing. Or, how to start building your knowledge inside your profession. Here are some thoughts about that.
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