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Moving BI to the cloud: Consider this…

While looking into the possibilities of moving my customer’s BI infrastructure into the cloud, my primary question was how to handle the lack of cloud SSAS. But there’s a lot more to keep in mind. Here’s a few things that I think should be thought of from an architectural point of view: not only in[...]
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Moving BI to the Cloud: Ditch SSAS?

Some time ago I read Chris Webb blogged “Thoughts On The Power BI Announcements At The MS Data Insights Summit“, where between the lines was this rather interesting point: For the last few years my customers have asked me when MS was going to release SSAS in the cloud and I’ve always replied that Power[...]
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Issues (& solutions) with Power BI Analysis Services Connector

Last couple of weeks, I tried to install the Power BI Analysis Services Connector, and ran into a few issues (and found some solutions). I thought it’d be good to share them, in case anyone runs into the same issues. So here’s my story of installing Power BI Analysis Services connector – translated to a[...]
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